Our Mission

  • The Customer Experience Drives Technology

    Focused on providing the ultimate customer experience, attentive to the need for ease and convenience.

  • Smart

    IoT bases solutions integrated with state-of-the-art technology creating a robust and reliable system.

  • Building Value and Efficiency

    Solutions which track and control operations, maximize revenue, improve employee productivity, and generate operational efficiency.


The AVPM® platform smartly manages multiple modules, linking parking, task management and valet, offering a unique fully integrated solution.

Features such as live monitoring, process automation, revenue control, with metrics and exportable data, are all available in one system.

System options are plentiful, accommodating both the simple, or highly complex challenges found in each client’s business operation.

The AVPM® software is easily integrated with third-parties creating seamless interface solutions. The user interface is simple, intuitive, and efficient for easy navigation by its end users and customers.

Maintenance and upgrade is easily achieved through independent, and interchangeable modules. Flexible financial options are available for Cap Ex installations along with minimal up-front cost SaaS subscription plans.

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AVPM® technology is designed to accommodate a variety of workloads regardless of the transaction volume, or the operating environment.

The technology is easy to run either by business owners with moderate traffic flows, or enterprises with large and complex operations.

AVPM® solutions solve business challenges at more than 700 companies globally in drastically different climatic conditions - subzero, arid, and high humidity environments. Our systems operate effectively under high stress and tolerate unpredictable amounts of data input from different sources simultaneously.

AVPM® technology fully protects corporate and individual private information through secure and continually monitored systems.

By partnering with the industry’s leading manufacturers, we ensure the most durable and reliable equipment.

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AVPM®'s solutions provide customers peace of mind when it comes to Data Security and Information Integrity. Our scope when it comes to overall system security is to keep system configuration and security standards up-to-date to prevent the ever-evolving threats in the industry using the most effective Network Protection Practices.

Credit card transactions are safely processed using terminals and handheld devices featuring EMV Chip & PIN technology along with Point to Point Encryption (P2PE).

The AVPM® platform comes with best security design and network architecture, 24 hr. monitoring, enforced system roles policies, audit reports and regular security updates and patches.

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Learn how we can solve your challenges, increase operation efficiency and increase client satisfaction.