A trip to the city can go sideways quickly when spending hours circling streets seeking legal parking and avoiding expensive tickets, only to choose a valet garage. AVPM® takes great pride in having created valet parking technology which facilitates a speedy guest experience, while applying complete internal process control tools and employee task management for effective operations.

  • IoT Technology
  • Cloud, On-Prem and Hybrid Platforms
  • Customizable with Seamless Integration
  • Field Proven and Reliable
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Valet Lane Package

Valet attendants will use this to enter vehicle information and print tickets on the spot. The AVPM® system will be used to also record vehicle location along with employee performance.

Claim Tracking

Create incident reports effortlessly where pictures can be uploaded easily. Keeping track of the claim is simple, giving corporate office instant access from designated Web Portal.

License Plate Recognition (LPR)

Specifically designed to identify license plates so VIP and return customers can be identified instantly. Also manages entry and exit for authorized parkers only.

Damage Control

Every vehicle entering the garage will be captured from different angles and linked with the vehicle’s ticket for viewing or printing vehicle history report.

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