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Q’d Up® Bell-Desk/Valet Systems

Geolocation based task management queuing system for Bell Desk and Valet operations. Track everything from a guest’s luggage to flower delivery, closely monitoring the steps of each employee based on their location on the property. Q’d Up® uses all this information to create a queue of tasks with assignment based upon team member availability or sequence.

Task Management

From In-Room service requests to Bell Cart tracking, Q’d Up Task Management will handle it. Starting with task distribution to job completion, the innovative geolocation smart methodologies increases productivity and efficiency.

Wheelchair Assistance/Patient Transport

Automated wheelchair mandatory guests or new patient arrivals, by assigning destination requests to attendants based on the geolocation of the guest and equipment, dramatically reducing delivery time while fully monitoring attendant activity.

Asset Tracking

No more lost baggage or delayed wheelchairs! Q’d Up Asset Tracking will keep record of every bag and wheelchair’s location while on property, reducing loss, and increasing utilization and accountability.

New Q’d Up website for Task Management coming soon!!


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