Flight departure schedules, traffic congestion, and endless construction often make the airport experience disruptive and very stressful. AVPM® is committed to help reduce this stress load through airport parking systems which are fast, efficient and make the traveler’s airport experience more enjoyable.

  • IoT Technology
  • Cloud, On-Prem and Hybrid Platforms
  • Customizable with Seamless Integration
  • Field Proven and Reliable
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Pre-booking Page and Apps

Branded and customized pre-booking page and mobile app can be deployed to enable parkers to create parking reservations.

Flight Database Integration

Integration with FlightStats® accurately updates flights with real-time information and notifies operators of any delayed or cancelled flights whilst automatically updating pending reservations.

Frequent Parker Program

Reward frequent flyers with discounts and incentives while allowing them to create their account to keep track of vehicles, flight details, accrued points and more!

Self-Serve Kiosks

Multiple platform kiosks can be placed strategically where needed allowing travelers to request their vehicle and pay for valet.

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