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Entry Station

This unit grants parkers access onto parking premises by printing tickets on the spot or by reading frequent parker cards, loyalty cards, valet parking tickets and garage passes among other media.

Exit Station

Parkers will be able to scan their parking ticket or room-key and be able to pay the parking fee by credit card.

Barrier Gate

This 10-foot or 12-foot single garage gate can be used for either the entry or exit.

AVI Reader

This automatic vehicle identification reader will be able to open barrier gates from as far as 13 ft. with no stopping required. This device will read windshield tags, headlight tags, buttons along with RFID cards.


Every vehicle that enters the garage will be photographed from different angles and the pictures will automatically be inserted to the vehicle’s ticket and available for viewing or printing through a vehicle history report.

License Plate Reader (LPR)

LPR cameras decode vehicle license plates upon entry. The decoded plate information is stored on the AVPM parking management server and attached to the ticket associated with it.

Access Control Units

Access Control Units will ensure to make sure that only valid drivers carrying valid tickets are granted parking entry or exit access. If the driver and/or ticket is not valid, the barrier gate will not lift, denying access in or out of the parking premises.

Pay-On-Foot Station: Cash and Credit Card

This Automatic Pay Station reads and decodes tickets processing payments without the aid of a cashier. This POF unit calculates and displays parking fees, accepts payments in coins and bank notes, issues change in coins and dollar bills, and provides parkers with a receipt of the transaction.

POS Package

System includes server tower, touch screen monitor, receipt printer, 2D barcode laser scanner, credit card reader, cash drawer, and DYMO printer and laser report printer.

iPad POS Package PLUS

This POS Hardware package includes an iPad which will be secured to a table mounted stand. The stand has a built-in credit card reader to process payments using swipe method. The stand also has a built-in laser scanner that will be used by the cashier and/or person managing the keys to scan tickets in/out of the system.


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