Convenience, security and efficiency are key attributes when someone parks a vehicle in a public parking lot. Reducing driver frustration, through technology-driven parking guidance and space administration solutions driven by accurate and advanced GPS sensor technology, dramatically simplifies the parking experience.

  • IoT Technology
  • Cloud, On-Prem and Hybrid Platforms
  • Customizable with Seamless Integration
  • Field Proven and Reliable
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Access Control

Robust and easy to use Entry and Exit units will keep your parking areas secure and improve traffic flows. RFID/AVI/Mag-stripe/barcode compatible for identification and payment.

Monthly/Contract Parkers

Keep track of contracted parkers and grant in-and-out privileges as long as the account is active. Eliminate tickets with key tags, contactless RFID and touch-free AVI tags.


Give your parkers the convenience of paying for parking fees from their mobile device. Scan, pay, exit. It’s really that easy!

Pay-on-Foot & Pay-in-Lane Stations

AVPM®'s Automatic Pay Stations read and decode barcoded tickets, validations while processing payments for parkers without the aid of a cashier.

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