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AVPM® Parking Access Revenue Control Systems - PARCS

The brains of the operation, the installed equipment connects to AVPM® Self-Parking software, allowing hardware and software to communicate. Drives multiple computers, handheld devices and parking equipment, interfacing to control access, collect revenue, and deliver guest satisfaction.

AVPM® Parking Access Revenue Control Systems - Valet

The core system is the hub where all PC licenses connect to AVPM® Valet Parking software, fully integrating valet parking and self-parking effectively and affordably. The cloud-based software solution drives all valet operations including tracking daily and overnight parking, valet attendants and vehicles, providing one solution to meet all your needs.

AVPM® Hotel Property Management System Integration

AVPM® can integrate with different Hotel PMS to post overnight and transient charges to guests’ folios automatically, saving you revenue. Current PMS integrations include OPERA, Epitome, Galaxy, Maestro, OnQ, FOSSE, Springer-Miller, among others.

AVPM® Front Desk Manager

This feature allows Front Desk employees to enter guest information into the AVPM® system, enabling parking fees to automatically post to guest folios. It is also designed to request vehicles by entering valet ticket number or room number.

AVPM® Room-Key Integration

This important hospitality industry functionality integrates AVPM® software to serve as a parking pass for the guest, while safeguarding the parking premises, granting in-and-out privileges. Customers use this integration to request their vehicles prior to leaving their room.

AVPM® Players Card Integration

AVPM® can integrate with casino players reward programs and enables parking operators to recognize VIPs, add player points accordingly and discount parking based on player’s tier or through accumulation of points. Casino players are also able to request their vehicle through their personal Players Card.

AVPM® License Plate Recognition System

AVPM® is proud to have its own License Plate Recognition and License Plate Inventory system. Specifically designed to decode the numbers and letters from the license plates, VIP and return customers can be identified instantly, managing easy entry and exit, while decoding the license plate and allowing access only to authorized parkers.

AVPM® Flight Database Integration

To service airport customers, AVPM® can integrate with FlightStats® to accurately update parking records with real-time flight information, notifying parking operators of any delayed or cancelled flights whilst automatically updating the parking reservation.

AVPM® Frequent Parker Program

The AVPM® Frequent Parker Program keeps track of recurrent customers and can be setup to reward these frequent parkers with promotions and discounts. Parkers can create an account to keep track of their vehicle information, accrued points, vehicles and credit cards on file, and their reservation history.

AVPM® Monthly/Contract Parker System

The Monthly/Contract Parker System maintains monthly or contracted parkers and grants in-and-out privileges for active accounts. By eliminating tickets, operators can choose from several options like key tags, LPR, contactless RFID/Proxy cards, hands-free AVI buttons and windshield stickers.

Garage Mapping/Vehicle Blocking Warning System

For highly active and complex parking operations, the AVPM® Garage Mapping system enables stacking and tandem vehicle parking operations, creating an alert when a car is blocking the requested vehicle. The system will warn the attendant to pull both sets of keys for proper movement and will track the re-park location.

AVPM® CROC Report Engine

AVPM® offers over 100 different reports, with no extra fees for your specialized reports. AVPM®'s Centralized Reporting and Operation Center (CROC) interface collects, identifies and accumulates financial and operational data for statistical analysis. AVPM®'s CROC will provide an API for Customers to extract consolidated data from their operations.


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